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High Voltage Rock & Roll and asskickin' Rockabilly - The Story

At the beginning of 2003 Knuckle met up with Chris Curtis at a club gig in Vienna. Both shared a life long interest in music and a long standing idea to set up a trio to take music from the 40’s and 50’s and drag it to the 21st century. After one or two… beers an agreement was reached – a new band has to be formed. The repertoire was gathered in regulary evening living-room sessions playin in a relaxed atmosphere through Westernswing, Rockabilly, Jump Blues and fingerpicking tunes. When D.D. Mattersberger joined as drummer the idea of high voltage Rock’n’Roll and asskickin' Rockabilly, covering all musical styles from Jump Blues, Swing, Rock’n’Roll and Rockabilly of the legendary Sun era came to life. The band appeared at many venues in Austria. At some gigs the harp player Gery Lülik joined the band jamming live on stage. Each of these sessions made one point clear: both the musicians and the audience enjoyed this unusual combination of instruments playing together. 2005 the band decided to add Gery's explosive blues harp and appended some blues tracks to its set list. The band played numerous gigs in this line up. At the beginning of 2007 Chris decided to leave and focus on other projects. Since Knuckle worked several times with the Rock & Roll and Blues musician Mika Stokkinen as a substitute on bass, Chris' replacement was quickly found: the young singer and guitar player joined AToMiC BOoGie "on the fly" the next day Chris left ... with this new combination of musicians from different backgrounds the band got instantly it's unique sound of crossing over Blues and Rock & Roll. So Hepcats, watch out for our next gigs and join us when it is time to shake the shack!

Our next show:
Indian Dreams Saloon
Donauplex, Wagramerstr, 1220 Vienna

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