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Mika Stokkinen - guitar, vocals

Mika was one of the few lucky ones, who were allowed to learn a cool instrument at school. He first enjoyed classical music training before switching to the electric guitar and participating in numerous sessions with schoolmates, By the time he was 16, Mika was already a Frontman as a guitarist and singer in various bands. At this time his musical interest was strictly rock-oriented, but he was soon infected by the bluesvirus. Musicians such as B.B. King, Jr. Watson and Hollywood Fats and live gigs of local Bluesbands left deep impressions. Innumerable appearances with different Bands enabled him to develop a great and inspiring versatility on the guitar and flexibility in his voice.

Werner "Knuckle" Dorfmeister - double bass

He discovered rockabilly music at the end of the 80’s. For 5 years he played piano and accordion in a rockabilly band. On tours throughout Europe he appeared on stage with greats such as Sandy Ford, Billy Lee Riley, Johnny Preston, The Jets, Crazy Cavan, and Gene Vincent’s original Bluecaps. Over time his music interest changed from Neo-Rockabilly to early Country Boogie and Blues. 1996 he founded a Westernswing Band in the style of legends such as Bob Wills and Pee Wee King.. As the band couldn't find a bassist he quit playing keys and changed to upright bass in 2003. Shortly afterwards he formed AToMiC BOoGiE. His particular interest in the legendary Roots Music bassman Willie Dixon brought him more into early R&B music and led him to form a Rhythm & Blues Band. Besides his band pojects he loves to show up at blues sessions to support lots of different musicians with his vintage pumping groove.

Gery Lülik - harmonica

Inspired by Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones Gerry started to play harp at the age of 18 . His most important influences are the harp players Little Walter, Kim Wilson, Sonny Boy Williamson, Magic Dick and Christian Dozzler. Over the years Gerry joined many national and international acts like the Vienna City Blues Band, Hooked on Blues, Norbert Schneider, Peter Kern, Blues & Minus, The King Bees, Tough Enough and established an unique reputation for his soulful blow at hundreds of sessions at Vienna's blues venues.

Dieter "Woomba Woomba" Mattersberger - drums

Born in Lienz, Osttirol in 1977, he started his musical career at 17, and moved to Vienna the year afterwards to study jazz percussion at the Konservatorium. In a short period of time, he became one of the most sought-after blues and boogie drummers in Vienna, and one of the most frequently employed session musicians in the local blues scene. Amongst other things, he provided the beat for the Vienna City Blues Band, the Voodoo Surfers, the Hannes Kasehs Trio and the Wolfgang Pöll Trio, and also appeared on stage with greats such as Dana Gillespie, the Mojo Blues Band and Big Jay McNeely. Like the other members of the band, his musical tastes have almost no limits, and range from blues to boogie, and to rockabilly, swing and rock.


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